Parent category for Professional & Graduate Studies courses

This course is intended to be a jumping off point, to access resources and project details necessary for planning and collaborating on PGS Curriculum projects.

This course is managed by the PGS Curriculum staff with participants including all active members of the PGS Curriculum Committee.

This orientation course is designed to prepare you to be a successful online student at Cornerstone University. Take special note that select online courses include a requirement for live presentations conducted via the web (i.e. Google Hangout). A webcam, microphone and speakers/headphones will be required to participate in these activities.

Seminar for understanding, identifying, and acquiring Prior Learning Credit.


The original Prior Learning Assessment course was designed and written by Christy A. Weber, MA, Dean of Enrollment Services, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ronald Lane and Vicki Pratt, Academic Advisors, Professional & Graduate Studies, Cornerstone University, reformatted this course for the Prior Learning Seminar.

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